Monday Motivation quote – week 2

Well … “doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”. I dont actually know who said that but its probably one of the wisest phrases I have heard in a while.

I like to try new things and am always up for challenges and new adventures but I tend to do them in my own paste, sometimes faster sometimes much slower than others. Being precise, with things I can control and I am able to influence the outcome I am usually faster, such as studying, career progression or moving away cause I am not afraid to taking responsibility.

Other things that would be outside my control or things where the outcome could be bad just after one try, I tent to find myself struggeling. By that I mean risky sports, I enjoy wakeboarding and am totally confident doing laps on the water but oh dont ask me to ever take an obstacle.

Being in different environments, different characters and people always challenged me and I am more than pleased about that.

You’re questioning what this little self explanation has to do with “doubt will kill more dreams than failure ever will”? Well, first I had to find out what my dreams are and where I want to risk it.

If you stand behind something 100% go for it, dont stand in your own way. If it is something simply not as imporant to you, dont be worried that you’re hesitating, if its right you wouldn’t.

In conclusion, yes I am ambitious, yes I have a dream about a brilliant career and a six pack, no I dont feel like becoming a wakeboard pro would be satisfying to me, knowing that it will be a complete different way for everyone else.

I am about to change jobs just in a few weeks, yes I have doubts but who cares sometimes you just have to go for it, if its better or not I can only see later on, but I know for sure by taking the risk and pushing away the doubts its definitely not going to be a failure but an experince with thousand more opportunities to come.

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