Monday Motivation Quote – week 3

“Every wave is a good wave as long as you’re happy enough to be on it” – Billabong Women.

I am just back from a surf holiday so have to start this Monday motivation with a bit of inspiration and surf vibes. You wonder what this Quote has to do with the a motivation for the beginning of the week? Well, surfing and being in the ocean teaches you a lot of things, the main thing it always teaches me is patience and just being the happiest person on earth when you have the joy to take a wave and ride it all the way to the beach.

How is that reflecting in our daily life? We tend to be fast in everything, always aiming for more and finding it hard to watch and relax while waiting for the perfect wave, the perfect moment to take the next step.

At the end of the day, it’s not about the amount of holidays, amount of night outs, amount of cars, amount of friends or anything else to count, its about the small and big moments and knowing how to appreciate these.

Therefor I’ll start the Monday with just watching, observing and taking a step once it makes sense to spend all my energy on it rather than spending energy on 100 waves/ things to do when really only 10 out of it were important.

Have a great start in your week!



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