Young, ambitious, asking to be challenged

I am just about to change jobs, literally have two more days left in my current company. Changing companies is a major event for me as this is the only company I have ever worked for and after seven years of great opportunities, placements abroad and even getting the opportunity to leave Germany and permanently move to London while working for the sane company,  it feels a bit like leaving family.

However, it was about time for a to take an action instead of just daydreaming about the CIO role to come one day, here are a few thoughts maybe most of older, cooperate companies are missing by inspiring young talent, keeping them motivated and dealing with the Generation Y.

Is just having a job with a good salary enough to keep young, motivated people? 

NO – to everyone out there who says you should be happy having a job, this was maybe 20 years ago but not today. I absolutely love what I am doing, enjoy the time with the people I am working with and the team achievements we managed over the last year. But, I can not work on a daily basis not knowing what my development options are, not knowing what my career could look like and lacking in answers on progression steps or succession planning. After all, that’s what keeps one motivated or? Having an aim to work towards to?

Are timelines for promotions, job changes and processes that need to be followed helping to motivate? 

NO – in certain roles you have to stay longer than 2 years, especially if the role is external customer facing okay I understand that, but that really shouldn’t mean that an individual is not on any succession or progression plan within these two years. Job specifications are changing on a regular basis but instead of just updating it a full HR process need to be followed which is in most cases to much paper work that needs to be done to even consider updating the job specification.

If I feel after one year that I did everything in my responsibilities and ask for more, surely there should be support to feed me with new topics as long as I am hungry to learn?

Are more benefits and higher salaries making you stay with the same company? 

NO – not without kids, not enough work experience for a pension fund worth mentioning and enough shares I would loose. I’d rather have a job in a inspiring work environment with a bit less pay that the other way around.

Can one young talent thrive in a environment with a much higher age range?

NO –  following hierarchical orders and structures, that would mean a waiting list of ten years for a leadership progression, waiting until someone retires. The work motivation from 20 – 30 year old employees is a different one that for 30 – 50 year old employees. Especially when talking to my colleagues, family is the most important thing, safe jobs and a regular income. With their experience and work motivation that still means motivation to deliver but it might mean not necessarily trying new things, change processes, be open for changes. Why change something when it worked for 20 years? Well, with one young person in the team there is much to discuss but not a lot to implement, with further employees in the same age the drive and willingness to change and progress would definitely be higher.

Should I stay patient and wait for my chance to come?

Maybe yes – but, my boyfriend would agree I am in general not the most patient person, if I get an opportunity within another company and already feel inspired just by the role description and the interview, i’ll go for it. The worst thing for me is being stuck in my comfort zone, when I am getting to comfortable I need change, a new challenge, another project.. soo counting down the days, new job I am ready for you!!

I am not sure how many of you are in the same position but it would be great to read your comments, stories and feedback 🙂




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