Monday Motivation Quote – week 4

Comfort Zone is such a nice description of feeling great, secure, appreciated, in control and in general just in a place where no one could create any discomfort.

Personally, I feel discomfort when I am getting to comfortable: what is if I can’t step out of my comfort zone again? What is if I don’t have the courage to grow? What is if I forget how to learn, how to develop myself, if I am getting to comfortable?

Honestly speaking, we are all in our own zone which can be less or more comfortable. Over the years I learned that certain characters create their zone and like to stay there whereas others (me) are constantly on the search for something bigger, different.

So yes, I am starting this week with another move out of my comfort zone as I am starting a new job. The more I think about it the more scared and excited I get.

What is your step out of your comfort zone? A new challenge or maybe a little step by running 1 mile more than last week?

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