Morocco surf holiday – the 3 reasons why I keep coming back

Morocco its known for his welcoming culture, food, mountains and obviously as surfers paradise.

Even though it feels like it was already ages ago, I am just back from a surf holiday since 2 1/2 weeks, a surf holiday at the same place, the same village and the same camp that i keep returning to since 4 years. This is the place where I learned how to surf and feel in love with the feeling when you finally managed to be the lucky person that paddled enough and had the perfect timing to catch the wave.

Here are a few reasons in case you need some more to make your decision why a week of surfing, yoga, good food and amazing people is definitely one of the best decision for a holiday:

1. The Weather

Talking about the weather, usually this is just a topic to get away from small talk, in this case, believe me, the weather in Morocco is just amazing.

I usually go take a week off surfing in November or March, when we start missing the sun in the north of Europe. Morocco never let me down with, it#s always a decent temperature between 24 – 30 degrees Celsius. Around November you can expect a water temperature of approx. 26 degrees and in March around 20 degrees. Saying that, it feels much warmer as it is not only the temperature but also more than 8 hours of sunshine everyday to inhale enough Vitamin D.

2. The Surf Conditions and Spots

Flying to Agadir and driving up north for an hour is surfers paradise with 20 well known surf spots and many more beach breaks in between.

Our days usually started to get in the car, turn Bob Marley on and driving down the road, checking each spot for the current and best waves before we would make a decision where to go and stay in the water for 3 hours. I can truly say, so far Morocco has not let me down, we always found waves and a great spot for the day and for all levels. With Imsouane, there is even a chance to catch the longest wave in Morocco .

3. The Surfcamp 

Here comes the point where you might think I am not a traveler, explorer or like to explore new places when I tell you that all 6 times in went to Morocco I stayed in the same surf camp.

I really do not know why, but Surf Star Morocco just makes you feel like home, not only the staff is amazingly friendly, Lucy and Momo manged to create a camp with the Moroccan lifestyle and the British organization skills and in the most relaxing atmosphere.

Starting with a warm welcome at the airport, Sunset and Sunrise Yoga lessons at the rooftop terrace, great food and an well organised team of surf instructors who have the perfect level of experience for beginners and guiding groups.

On top of all that, I’ve never been to the camp and did not bump into amazing, inspiring people from all over the world. There will always be a handful of returners who fell in love with the place.

Still not convinced, check the photos below and let me know your comments/ questions and thoughts.

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