Monday Motivation Quote – week 6

“Your uniqueness is your magic” – Medusa

Another week, another Monday.. this week a little bit deeper than just than just a motivation for the upcoming week. “Your uniqueness is your magic” can be interpreted in so many ways, I would like to understand it in a way to put less pressure on ourselves and just be who we are. Less comparing and competition between other people but focus on our unique self and what we can achieve.

That includes to be aware about your own expectations and expectations from others, I find it hard sometimes to be honest to myself about the things is really want to do when it involves friends or colleagues, I guess the key anyway is to say no if the time plan is to tight, sometimes say no if the week was already busy enough and a Sunday in bed is well deserved.

Therefor my aim for this week, be me, deliver the best as possible in my way, only stand with myself in a competition and not with others, and don’t get mad if my own expectations did not work out they way I would have like to see it.

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