Deadlines vs. own expectations

Deadlines vs. own expectations.. by being ambitious usually the aim comes up very quickly not only to achieve everything with speed but also to respond to everything immediately cause this how you would like to see conversation and updates yourself.. at least this is the fact for me, let me give you an example: you got 5 enquires at work but only managed to finish 3, you are stressing about the outstanding ones as it is already 6:30pm. Question: do you have to deliver on the enquires today? Did the sender send a deadline? Can this wait another day? Is it just your own expectation to answer as usual asap?

Most of the time I find it is my own expectation to deliver immediately, forgetting that by answering on everything asap the expectations are set with colleagues/ clients/ managers that this will always be the case.

Sooo this is just a reminder to pace yourself, doing everything that is important immediately, prioritize the others, setting realistic timelines and don’t be too hard on yourself 🤪

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