Energy Source

Energy Source is such a great word, if I would need to define my energy source I wouldn’t be able to narrow it down to a single one but today was definitely a Sunday that gave me positive energy for the rest of the week.

What did I do? Homemade favorite egg bread breakfast, smashing the spinning class at psycle (this is always pushing you to your limits and just when you think there is no energy left I promise the instructor will get even more out of you), lunch and coffee with friends, editing my blog and having a very chilled Netflix evening. This was a long needed Sunday to relax and refresh my brain for next week.

So I guess it is about finding something that you enjoy and afterwards (even though you might have spend some energy) you feel more energetic than before.

This might not only be small things, holidays and great experiences count like these as well, but it really is sometimes about finding energyzing sources that can be repeated during daily life and on a regular basis.

If you are still looking for yours, here are a few inspiration that you might like:

  • Find a gym routine – mine is every morning before work, this works some weeks better than others but after forcing myself for a month and doing it now since four month is becomes a habit for a great energetic start in the day, actually nowadays I feel like I just wake up 2h after starting working if I didn’t go to the gym
  • Find a favorite workout – routine is too much? No problem, my favorite workout at the moment is spinning at psycle, the best spinning classes I can recommend
  • Reading a great book – this might sound lame but just finding time for reading a book, diving in the story and forgetting the rest of the world for a bit can create a fresh mind afterwards
  • Meeting with friends – something you probably do anyways so this is more about what you doing, I can’t say that ging out drinking with friends is an energy source but just meeting up talking and sharing ideas definitely is
  • Setting weekly goals – (I will follow up on this later..) but setting goals to achieve can provide energy for the next week I didn’t knew I had
  • Going for a walk/ run – just going outside and having some fresh air already helps sorting your thoughts and be motivated for the next task

Looking forward to your ideas!!

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