Limitless Mindset

Limitless Mindset is such a big, great word for reaching the unreachable, creating things never created, risking it in every situation, but what is meant by it and how can everyone adopt it?

First off all I would like to start with examples of a limitless mindset, usually in big magazines here would follow a list of entrepreneurs, people who created a lot out of nothing or expanded a business to a billion dollar company. I would just like to mention two people, who in my opinion have a prove of a limitless Mindset by still being so settled without big egos and for that really stand out for me (looking forward to hear who your inspirations are at this point ;)):

  1. Chris Bertish – I just finished his book “Stoked” after I had the chance to meet him personally during his speech at Finisterre in London a few month ago. Chris is not only an amazing story teller and motivator, by winning the biggest wave surf competition Maverick and crossing the Pacific Ocean only on a Standup Paddle Board in 90 days he is living and embracing a limitless mindset by setting him self aims, never thinking about failing and never putting a limit on an outcome. Read more here.
  2. Sara Blakely – most of you might know her as the Founder of Spanx, if you follow her Instagram you also know that she has 4 kids at home and is an amazing mum as well as with all the business never lost her inspiration, inner child and innovation ideas. This is an example for me of an limitless mindset cause it seems like by believing in it and hardworking, never taking everything to serious everything will work out, she manages a “limitless mindset” work life balance

I picked these two examples cause it seems like both created something from nothing by still being very down to earth, this really shows that a limitless mindset is all about our own limitations that we set, our passion, the risks we are facing and should embrace instead of fearing them and our attitude.

I haven’t created anything outstanding yet, definitely have not done something anyone else hasn’t done yet, am not as creative as some others and also have not found my passion, something where I want to give more than 100% everyday, yet but I am trying to think this way everyday to see where it might take me.

For example:

  • You don’t like your current situation, too much commute to work, not your favorite city to live, not the best business area for you, does it annoy you enough to change something about it or are you just accepting it?
  • If you would like to change something, where do you see a limit and why is it there? Can you remove it?

Taking it on a day to day basis as the mentality to change is a big part of a limitless mindset, to adjust to new situations and see the opportunities in them, here are some more practical examples:

  • The same issue/ escalation at work everyday, do you have an idea that might solve it but it would be a responsibility above your pay grade? Well this is something where I try to challenge myself everyday, there are limitations in every job but correctly communicating ideas to reach them and having the courage to take responsibility on these can push these limits further away from you everyday and help to progress.
  • You want to work out and have that dreambody but going for after work drinks and burger has become a very nice habit, well here is a limit that you set yourself, question is just if your will to reach that aim and change it, to go to the gym instead, is that will strong enough?

These are examples I would define as a limitless mindset already, everyone is in a different environment, created their own limits around them but really it is about how each of us can break these.

That does in most cases not go without putting everything into a plan and sticking to something, I dream of writing my own book, having my own business, getting stronger… so many things! These are not achievements to be done over night but step by step, having a plan to keep track of where you are, what your current limit is and how you can get to the next stage,

Crossing the Pacific Ocean like Chris Bertish or creating a company like Spanx as well as a lovely family like Sara Blakely surely does not work without a plan, without having an aim bigger than that in mind that will make you forget about the small limits and hesitations (our own created ones) as the world outside is just so much bigger!

In summary, a limitless mindset for me means:

  1. Everyone can have a limitless mindset and embrace it within their given situation
  2. Most limitations are created by ourselves and we are scared to break these
  3. Nothing works without a plan, the passion and the courage to stick to it doesn’t matter how impossible it seems (to an extend ;))
  4. Starting with removing the limits we set in our day to day live will be a fist step for everyone

What are your thoughts? Your definition and idea behind a limitless mindset?

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