Daily Routine Inspiration

A new week, it already feels like summer and the sun is still shining in beautiful London, what else to ask for?

I am just on the way to work and wanted to share today a story/ inspiration about “Daily Routine”. I found loads of advises for routines related to food, sport, healthy lifestyle und general, work habits, giving everyday a special meaning, and the list goes on.. but nothing that is adaptable to every life situation to help staying motivated and progress everyday a little. That’s why I created my own definition for a daily routine that you can easily adapt in every life situation to benefit your day. This doesn’t just work for an office life but literally every lifestyle, if it is a regulated one of one that changes daily, these three words will hopefully inspire you too:

Reload. Focus. Grow. (Repeat.)

  • Reload: have something everyday that recharges your energy level and creativity, for me it is a workout routine, usually before work as it helps to me to regain energy by releasing some as well as getting mentally and physically prepared for a full day in the office. Other ideas for this could be just everyday some time for yourself, reading a book, including a walk in your day, everything that helps to clear the mind.
  • Focus: usually days are packed with activities, meetings, classes, to do lists do finish, time with family and friends, sport, commuting… I realized that by handling everything and trying to rush or just squeeze in one more thing in my day I loose the focus on the task and in the moment. Pack your day with as many things as you want but ensure to stay focused on everything you do. This is not just helping to avoid mistakes at work, but also to really enjoy time with friends and family by focusing and giving them your full attention. Same for the daily workout, if I feel like I can’t focus a day on the full workout plan cause my body is sore, too tired, don’t skip but create something out of it you can focus on such a stretching.
  • Grow: Being ambitious and reaching for the next level is always related to chances and how others see you but also with personal growth on things that only you might know or see. I try to identify one thing a day where I can grow. A few examples, my current aim is to publish an article here every workday, using my commute to create. This helps me personally grow in my writing style, story telling and hopefully provides you some joy. A more simpler thing, is taking daily a task at work you don’t like and just finish it, it is such a satisfying feeling afterwards that it is actually done and by doing this will help you not leaving it on your desk until last minute the next time.
  • Repeat: take this into everyday and give everyday a simple meaning for these three words, it will help define a daily good practice

What are your thoughts? Tips?

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