Consistency is key for progress

Consistency is such a great word and describes so many things at once, it is used for so many variations, such as:

I would like to describe consistency from a much higher level, consistency is key to progress. You might think, yes that is self-explanatory,  but I would like to give you some examples that might make you rethink your understanding of consistency.

Synonyms for consistency are words like regularity, unity, steadiness, stability, constancy… these all sound very monotone, unexciting and would proof a lack of change if you would ever use these in you CV. Consistency is such a great word because it does not implify the lack of change, being consistent with something doesn’t mean that you have to do it all over and over again the same way. As long as the goal behind it is the same it can have many different ways of consistency to progress.

So “Consistency is the key to progress”, sounds simple but it really is more difficult than it seems to me and I have to remind myself of this on a regular basis. This is why I want to share with you the following conclusion.

1.Consistency helps us focus on our goals

A fast progress in our career is what most of us are aiming for, sometimes so fast that the consistent approach to the next career stage is failing. Changing jobs too many times in short time frames, means a lot of changes and even though it might seem that you are moving forward, really most of the time you are not progressing to the next level but just changing it on the same level by not having the consistency in your career (exceptions are of cause options for pay rises, not getting on with the team etc. but it always depends on what drives you). I know it is unfortunate (and I hate this fact) but there is, especially in corporate companies, a reason why a promotion won’t be given before 1 – 2 years working in the same role. And parts of it are, that you have to proof you are consistently good, consistently overachieving your goals and that is was not just beginner luck.

2. Consistency  does not mean you can never change

Lives are changing, situations are changing, goals are changing, consistency doesn’t mean never to change, it just means to rethink about is before going for the decision.

In my daily training program I am always changing exercise’s and the focus on different muscle groups but the consistency behind it is the goals to get stronger and do it at least 5 times a week.

You might not like your job anymore, the city you live in, a hobby you just started and that is totally fine, you can change all of that as long as you don’t lose the consistency in achieving your main goal, the big aim above all small ones.

3. Consistency comes in routines and gives us comfort

This might be the daily routine, just the commute to work, a workout before work, knowing that you can sleep most of the times in your own bed, so many simple things in life. As human beings we usually don’t like change, I have the habit of always aiming for something new when I don’t see that change happening fast enough, others are happy with the day to day and get stuck in the consistent daily repetition and routine.

I tend to panic and start looking for other options without trying harder on what I am doing at the moment. Usually I am than ending up searching for other opportunities, mainly opportunities in areas I always thought about but never considered as I am not passionate about it. After hours researching I then come back to the conclusion that actually, I am on the right path and if I just continue a few more month doing what I am doing the next door will open, just by staying consistent and reminding you of your goals the progress will come, usually still fast but in a more unexpected situations as you are more focused and delivering the best rather than changing your life again and again.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas on your way of progress!

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