Consciously aware of endless opportunities

It is so easy to get lost in our own world, dragging on everyday with work, the usual tasks, just following the full schedule we put on our calendar.

I find it really hard from time to time to break of that, realizing whats going on around me, enjoying the time we can spend with others, seeing other opportunities and really listening to what others have to say. Sometimes it is even hard to get motivated and it seems easier bragging along about the day to day live, the same delay on the daily commute and the same annoying colleagues at work, same discussion with the siblings… and the list goes on, that does sound very depressing or?

Well here is a way that I try to approach things (using the word try as it definitely does not always work that way). Be consciously aware of your environment to ensure you’re not missing out on the endless opportunities out there. This might sound a bit too optimistic but just keeping this in mind makes see things differently!

This does not mean say yes to everything and stop reflecting, it means making something bigger out of the option you see. For example at work, if you see that your boss or other colleagues a hierarchy above you are completely overwhelmed, don’t underestimate yourself, just ask them “Can I help?”, “Shall I do this?” and you’re on step closer to the next promotion.

I sometimes struggle to see what I achieved so far and am too hard on myself for not progressing fast enough, questioning what I wasted my time on so far. Being aware of what you achieved and where you can get to, aware of who can help you with what, who can help you grow, who can be a business partner to create new opportunities is important. For this you have to reflect every moment, concentrate on where you are instead of looking back or thinking 10 steps ahead.

This is all easily said but requires focus and self awareness to be able to make your environment aware of your capabilities and the opportunities that arise when working with you as a partner too. This includes taking the time to explain yourself, come up with new ideas, caring enough to ask questions and questioning what others did.

If this was not helpful so far, here are some inspiring examples about people who did not invent something new but took the opportunity by being aware of their environment, creating their brand and inspire thousands by what they did (what are you aiming for? I would like to be on that list myself one day ;)):

  • Founder of Deliciously Ella – Ella and Matt created such a great brand, a food philosophy and lifestyle with it, not only do they have their own food products in most groceries stores in UK, running their own Deli’s and publishing books, they also inspire and encourage others with a similar allergy history like Ella’s on this journey
  • Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook – most of you know the story so I wont bore you with it but this surely is a great example of someone who took the opportunity from what he saw around him and created something hugely successful (not discussing the current data conflicts at this point)
  • Kayla Itsines – she is probably the first one who produced her own training program and sold it online, this business has been growing since than but another prime example of seeing what is around you, the requests you get (in this case workout programs and home workouts) and building something out of it

This list can go on forever but in summary:

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Partner up with people that are willing to support you and can truly benefit you
  • Take the opportunities when you see them, don’t hesitate
  • Never underestimate yourself

I hope these are examples how you can create something by being consciously aware of you and your environment to take these endless opportunities that are literally around every corner.

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