4 Ways how to overcome your Mental Barriers

Definition from Quora: “Mental block is an inability to perform a certain action or even inability to recall something, an obstacle that stands in the way of your success. Prevention from achieving your goals may cause you a lot of pain and discomfort.”

Mental barriers can literally occur in every situation. It can be a massive barriers, preventing you to do the next step, stopping to believe in yourself and you suddenly feel that you can’t do something without a good reason like the next job move or your capabilities for your outstanding promotion. Or smaller, much simpler barriers, something you already did a hundred times, a name you already said a hundred times, the same PIN you used for your bank card since you received it and there are situations when you just don’t remember it at all or are not able to carry out a movement in that moment.

These smaller mental barriers are the ones I want to talk about in today’s article, due to a very recent happening:

I was in the gym and wanted to do box jumps. For those of you who are not that keen on gym workouts, a box jump is basically a jump from standing or running with few steps towards a box and making a jump with both feeds up in to standing position. Depending on level and strength, you can adjust the high by adding additional boxes.

So, I was standing in front of that box which was the normal high I am used to jump from a standing position (60 cm), and whenever I started to take my energy and make the jump my body just refused! Literally whenever I tried to jump I couldn’t get my legs up  and my mind went blank.. even though I already did this a hundred times.

Angry about myself, I just gave up and moved on to the next exercise after ten failed attempts.

Did you ever experience that in any situation? Deep down you know you are more than capable of doing this but for any reason something in your mind is preventing you from doing it?

After leaving my anger out at the next exercise, I went back to the box, thinking that I don’t want to leave the gym with this bad feeling that day. Instead of jumping I made a big step up on the box and stepped down again,  I repeated that about 10 times to make the movement more comfortable for my legs. After that I took all my will power and jumped and landed on the box without any issues, nice and clean nearly soundless just how it should be.

What does this show? Mental barriers can happen in any situation, in private live, at work with small tasks and big accomplishments. The things to help overcome it are the following:

  1. Forget your Self-Anger – you’re not helping anyone by being angry, not your friends or colleagues who might be around you and feel your anger and the least yourself as it only adds additional bad energy to your mind and really nothing long term good ever resulted out of bad energy
  2. Will-Power – believe in yourself, picture yourself doing the tasks/ step until you can imagine yourself succeed at it
  3. Define the “why” – ask yourself why you want to do this, if you can not find a “why” or the why is because others told you so, don’t pursue it, it is a waste of energy
  4. Imaging how you feel after accomplishing it – this mean a lot of imagination but once you manged the first three steps, it will be so easy seeing you achieving it and if you found a why you will be able to get a hint of the great feeling of satisfaction you would feel after achieving it

You might wonder why I added the third point here, defining the “why” seems to be an easy question and you probably know that for most of the things, I have to say I don’t. I am getting better at defining the why but sometimes, especially in my private life, commitments to others, tight time plans and little time to breath when you just think I literally don’t have the scope to go this weekend away too.

The “why” might be a strong reasoning for yourself or just something because others are expecting it from you or told you so. If you find an answer for yourself that is strong enough, this will help to remove the mental barrier within a second, if you find it is just because others are doing it or expecting you too it will be harder. My recommendation, concentrate on the things that you really want and that make you happy.

Looking forward to your comments and thoughts!

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  1. Interesting read. We each have a couple of mental blocks still lodged in our subconscious mind either for our protection or convenience


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