Decided to be Happy

„Decided to be happy“ only four words but so strong! We all have different stories in life we go through and different beliefs, different tragedies, different experiences. All these make us who we are but it is our decision if we let ourselves negatively impact from these or positively, or if we can turn the negatives into something positive.

Looking around there will always be people better than us and people who have a life we don’t even want to imagine. Deciding to be happy means to stop comparing ourselves with these people and focus on ourselves. It does not mean not to be ambitious or giving in in situations we don’t like, it just means seeing something positive in every learning and taking that with us to improve for the next step.

I personally find it hard sometimes cause moaning is so much easier than seeing positivity, depending on the environment at the workplace, friends or family, moaning is such a big part of the culture that we don’t talk about anything else no more. Even when we are in general a positive, happy person it is hard not to get dragged into it and so much easier to give into it.

One thing I learned about happiness is that there is no one else who can make us happy about from ourselves, everyone else or every other experience can bring us into a happy mood for a while but fully happy and a positive mind-set is only something we can develop. Especially in today’s everyday life it is sometimes hard to see the neccessarity for happiness. Which makes it even more important to take the decision to be happy and progress, by trying to making the best of every situation and see it as learning not a as failure, waste of time or complete disaster because one thing didn’t work out as planned.

Having a bad Monday does not mean that the week is going to be bad, it’s a conscious decision we make if a bad Monday is going to impact the rest of our week or not. Not progressing fast is not a reason for failure as long as we progress, it just means that we have more time to concentrate and understand before the next big challenge or change comes up.

The news from the last week about Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain have been so shocking for me, deciding to end your own life when clearly you have more than most people can even dream of. It does not only show that financial success and success in the job does not automatically result in happiness, it also shows that we have to focus more on what makes us happy rather than what society is pushing for.

For me the perception of success and happiness are closely related to each other and if you haven’t seen it yet I can strongly recommend the video from Jay Shetty about the “What success really looks like”. It considers the steps learning and experimenting as part of success which might not be immediately noticeable but is a massive part of progressing and we often forget that.

I have caught myself just last week, having started a new job when everything is overwhelming and exciting at the beginning and than once you start to understand everything, focusing on the bigger parts as learning curve can be easily underrated and can feel like “oh great, that was already it ?!”. When the quick learning is done there are still bigger things to learn until the next step which are part of our success.

I mentioned that morning is so much easier that seeing positive things, once we’re dragged into it it’s hard to get out of it again. Which implies another big part of happiness, spending more time with people that make you laugh is so important! This doesn’t have to be always meaningful conversation, sometimes giving the brain a break in that all day thinking process and just laughing about stupidity like a child is the biggest relief and happiness we can experience.

Soooo long text, many words, in summary:

  • Deciding to be happy is not a one of task, it’s a daily task we have to remember
  • Learning and experimenting is part of success and does not mean failure when it is not fast enough in our perception
  • Surrounding yourself with people that make you laugh and show you the easiness of life

So don’t be too serious, lean back from time to time and just be happy.

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