Promote yourself – no one else will

“How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?” – Seth Gordon

Today’s article is going to be about a bit of a different type of topic than I usually talk about: Self-promotion!

Everyone talks about, most people know about it, fewer people actually do it. Personally, I do feel uncomfortable promoting myself, selling myself and my capabilities to others but the fact is, if you are not doing it who else should?

Self-promotion is not reduced to a single type of area, you can use it in your group of friends, at your current work place, when searching for jobs, networking for hobbies or for business, your Instagram account, your own blog.. the list is endless. The fact for me is still that I am not doing it often enough as I don’t feel confident enough to share my story, as I am always telling myself there are a 100 people out there who do it better than me. The truth is, actually you don’t know that and as we are all unique there will always be something that we do different compared to others, even if it looks very similar.

Basically what this means is to overcome and make the below your biggest advantage:

  • People who want to criticize you will always see something bad, doesn’t matter how well you are doing
  • People who have not started, or are not doing what you are doing should not talk bad about it anyway cause they haven’t even tried
  • The people out there who will like what you have to offer might have never heard about you
  • Promoting yourself does not mean to send an email every time your received great feedback, it means to know when it is the right time to advertise yourself with your achievements
  • Promoting requires a very clear and easy way of communication to everyone who is from your area of expertise and everyone who is not
  • Promoting yourself does not have to sound like bragging, actions or as example taking extra responsibility at work to get higher visibility does count as self-promotion too
  • When someone gives you a compliment, own it, grow with it instead of playing it down

Another important point is that self-promotion does not have to mean to set expectations. This is something I still struggle to do, when you tell somebody what you are doing or why, a standard question will be “what can I expect from that”. Especially when you’re just starting or when you want to redefine your scope based on feedback you receive, you don’t have to set expectations high to put pressure on yourself cause nobody will expect it at that stage. The answer “for now I will focus on xyz but this might change” is totally acceptable.

And the last point for today, self-promotion is not a one off thing, it is a constant repetition and journey. A constant reminder to everyone you want to reach is needed to remind them about your skills, your service.

In conclusion, never give up, sell yourself cause you might have different skills/ services to offer compared to others you are not even aware about!

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